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India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions with a limitless variety of culinary excellence…

The Indian Jewel makes an honest effort to create an amalgamation of some of the finest gems of Indian gems of cookery. Many Kings and Mughal Emperors have already savored the nostalgic tastes of the delicacies which were previously, zealously guarded secrets, passed on from generation to generation of royalty. Now, it is your turn to appreciate these creations and we hope that it will both excite the adventurous and satisfy the traditional palate!

The word 'spice' does not mean hot in Indian cooking but, instead, the thousands of herbs and spices, which have interesting medicinal qualities, enhance the food created by our chefs. Our menu ranges from light lentil soups, through breezy salads, succulent kebabs and freshly baked naans, to paranthas from our Tandoor (clay oven). Our restaurant would not be complete without the real gems of Indian cuisine: our mouth-watering curries. Ranging from the delicacies of the peppery south, up to the platters from the divine north, these dishes will not only seduce you with their aroma but entangle your tongue in a never before experienced passion.

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