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The aroma of our delicacies will consistently tickle the appetite, whilst igniting the senses and make you yearn for more. The colours of the Tandoori Indian Jewel Platter are a vibrant treat to the eyes and the unique Lamb Vindaloo originates from, the once Portuguese occupied Goa and is the hottest of our dishes. For the vegetarians there are the popular ‘Aloo-Gobhi’ - cauliflower with potato, the healthy home made cottage cheese with spinach, ‘Saag-Paneer’ but try not to miss the infamous lentil, ‘Daal Makhani’. The aromatic saffron flavoured rice and Biryanis of the Mughals are normally eaten with the yoghurt side dish of ‘Raita’. Yet again, these are only the highlights of the specialties at the Indian Jewel; the variation of dishes is great, both freshly prepared from the tandoor and precisely primed to taste from the kitchen.

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